July 15, 2022

The problem with being busy growing vegetables is that when I have the most vegetables to cook with is precisely when I don’t have time to do any cooking. But occasionally I do find my way into the kitchen in the summer, and one result we were recently quite pleased with was a Zucchini Corn Casserole (yes, that happened after a week where the plants produced way more squash than I could sell at the market). If the dish sounds appealing, you can find the recipe by clicking the link in the previous sentence. — Sydney

This week’s items

Items we plan to have at the market this week (an asterisk indicates unusually limited quantities):

  • Beans, dry (Peregion and Pinto)
  • Beans, green* (half runner and Contender)
  • Beets, loose (red and yellow)
  • Carrots, loose (Nantes)
  • Cucumbers (Asian)
  • Garlic (Porcelain-type hardneck)
  • Lavender, dried
  • Microgreens (peas, sunflower, and Tokyo Bekana)
  • Onions (Candy)
  • Peppers, bell* (cream and green)
  • Potatoes (Carola, Norland, Purple Majesty, and Red Gold)
  • Squash, summer (Cousa, Pattypan, Yellow Crookneck, and Zucchini)

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