July 1, 2022

I was pleased to discover the fly in the photo above in my squash patch earlier this week. It’s called a Swift Feather-legged Fly, and, in addition to being strikingly beautiful, at least in my view, their larvae also have an appetite for squash bugs. Since the latter are one of the most damaging pests on my squash, I’d be happy to see lots of these flies.

Plenty of beets, green beans, potatoes, and summer squash this week. Peppers should start soon, but they’re not quite ready yet. — Sydney

This week’s items

Items we plan to have at the market this week (an asterisk indicates unusually limited quantities):

  • Beans, dry (Peregion and Pinto)
  • Beans, green (Provider — a stringless variety)
  • Beets, bunched (red and yellow)
  • Carrots, bunched (Nantes and Paris Market)*
  • Chard
  • Cucumbers (Asian*)
  • Garlic
  • Granola (Cushaw Pecan)*
  • Kale*
  • Microgreens (peas, sunflower, and Tokyo Bekana)
  • Onions (Candy*)
  • Potatoes (Carola, Norland, Purple Majesty, and Red Gold)
  • Squash, summer (Cousa, Pattypan, Yellow Crookneck, and Zucchini)

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