October 8, 2021

One of the things I always look forward to in the fall is when the dry beans are finally threshed, sorted, and sufficiently dry to bag. I didn’t grow as many varieties this year as some, but still had a number of them and it was fun to pour the colourful beans into their separate bags. Anyway, one of the things to look for at the market this week is the new crop of dry beans.

There will also be several kinds of fall greens: bok choy, chard, collards, and kale. This is the first harvest from most of the plants and it was rainy last week, so the greens are exceptionally tender.

I will also have lots of squash again this week of various varieties, big and small. — Sydney

This week’s items (subject to change until late Friday evening)

Items we plan to have at the market this week (an asterisk indicates unusually limited quantities):

  • Beans, dry (Jacob’s Gold, Peregion, Pinto, Red Kidney, Rosso di Lucca, Swedish Brown, Tiger’s Eye)
  • Beans, green (Carminat, Fortex, and white half-runner*)
  • Beets, loose* (Badger Flame, Chioggia, and red)
  • Bok choy
  • Chard (Italian)
  • Collards*
  • Eggplant* (Thai Long Green)
  • Granola* (Cushaw Pecan)
  • Kale*
  • Lavender
  • Microgreens (Peas)
  • Okra (Hill Country Red and Jing Orange)
  • Peppers (red Carmen, cream and green bell)
  • Potatoes (Carola and Purple Majesty)
  • Squash, winter (Black Futsu, Butternut, Cushaw, Illinois, Jarrahdale, Kabocha, Spaghetti, and Yuxi Jiang Bing Gua)

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