September 24, 2021

This week will probably be the peak of the green beans. We should have ample amounts of all the varieties. But there are signs of fall all over the garden — okra, peppers, squash, and tomatoes all have already either stopped or are starting to slow down — and I would expect the beans to follow suit soon.

Of the fall vegetables, lots of the winter squash is already in, especially the butternuts. The dry beans are threshed; they just need to be cleaned and to dry a bit more. I hope to use some of the lovely weather in the forecast to dig sweet potatoes. They will still need some curing after being dug, but eventually those should be ready, too.

One of the most enjoyable things at the farm recently has been a field of sunflowers in full bloom. I’m growing it as a cover crop … and as a magnet for pollinator insects and birds. Currently, the pollinators are all over it, as you can see in the photo at the top. — Sydney

This week’s items (subject to change until late Friday evening)

Items we plan to have at the market this week (an asterisk indicates unusually limited quantities):

  • Beans, dry (Peregion*)
  • Beans, green (Carminat, Fortex, Monte Christo, and white half-runner)
  • Beets, loose (Badger Flame, Chioggia, and red)
  • Cowpeas, dry (Black Crowder*)
  • Eggplant* (Thai Long Green)
  • Granola* (Cushaw Pecan)
  • Lavender
  • Microgreens (Peas and Tokyo Bekana)
  • Okra* (Hill Country Red and Jing Orange)
  • Peppers (red Carmen, cream bell, Grenada Seasoning, and habanero)
  • Potatoes (Carola, Purple Majesty*, and Red Gold)
  • Squash, summer* (Cousa, Pattypan, and Zucchini)
  • Squash, winter (Butternut, Cushaw, and Kabocha)

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